Removing the Subtle Ego

Cover06-copy2“Removing the Subtle Ego” is the 6th in a series of books received clairaudiently from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to Catherine Kapahi since July, 2011. In these 45 essays, Lord Sathya Sai Baba teaches how to recognize the ego clinging to the Pure I, the Atma, in its identification as the body/mind/personality, and the sense of ‘me and mine’. When the aspects of ego-self  can be witnessed by the Awareness, ego can be removed. When there is no Witness or Awareness, the ego remains hidden. Lord Sathya Sai helps us to see our ego by citing many examples of ego in action in daily life. Ego acts like a dirty film to obscure the Effulgence and Pure Awareness of Atma or Christ Self one truly is.

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“I am speaking about the subtle ego, how to recognize it, and how to conquer it. What is the subtle ego? It comprises remnants, small pieces, effects from the big ego you once were when you identified yourself as a body, personality, sense mind, with a name, profession, country, religion, gender, etc. Now you are identifying your self as Atma or Spirit, with Peace, Love, Bliss, Eternity, beyond space and time. You wish to solidify your identity as the One Spirit, all pervasive and eternal. Yet the mind still becomes disturbed, the emotions upset at times. Why? Some aspect of the subtle ego is attaching to you. Why? It was used to finding a hook, a place where it could latch on to you, and it is still doing so. The hook is there in you, most likely hidden from your awareness. It grabs on to you when you are least expecting anything to disturb your peace and contentment. And you find that something, some energy has entered your being uninvited, and that now feels foreign and unwanted. You may recognize it because it has come to you many times before in the past. You may have thought you were finally rid of it, a  depression, a sadness, a longing. It is not a positive uplifting energy; it wants to drag you down, because that is what it is used to doing. So when these unwanted, uninvited visitors come, what do you do?”



By Narayan

In this book, swami beautifully explains what is “Ego” and how to recognize it. Swami gives many examples to understand and discriminate which actions arise out of ego and how to overcome them. He goes on to explain how the ego pulls a man down and how to be detached from whatever is perceived through the senses, how to overcome the sense of ‘doership’ and ‘ejoyership’ and how to be only be an awareness and witness to whatever is happening. He explains when there is complete surrender to the lord, a devotee’s karma is taken on by the lord so that the devotee may learn faster to be a witness to all the happenings and remain peaceful and unaffected. A wonderful and divine book by swami which is bound to inspire and help all those who care to learn about and recognize the ego and how to give it up.

January 27, 2014

By Lauro Welp, Netherlands

I have read the following e-books from Amazon (Kindle): Moving Toward God Realization, Not Gone Messages, Not Gone I Am Still Calling, Pitfalls on the Path, Removing he Subtle Ego, Not Gone Prelude, How to Remove Conditioning. The last e-book ‘Drops of Light’ came by e-mail. I had the good fortune that a close Sai friend brought me from Puttaparthi in India the soft cover book ‘How to Remove Conditioning’. Then I learned from the website of Catharine and the other books and e-books. Immediately I was spellbound and studied word by word. It was like Sai Baba was directly speaking to the real ‘me’. I am convinced that the teachings are coming from Sai. No one else can tell you such profound things together with such unlimited and overwhelming Love. It was like a revelation. All questions have been answered even the hidden ones of which I did not know I had. English is not my mother tongue and therefore I was especially grateful for the simple use of words. All in all to me the books were and still are much more then helpful on the spiritual path

March 21, 2014

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