Not Gone, Messages To My Children

Cover02-copy2Sathya Sai Baba’s 180 messages to His Children, channeled between June and August, 2012 are intimate and loving. Baba gives assurance that He is not gone but is still very much with His Devotees . Baba encourages His Devotees to remain wholeheartedly on the path to spiritual liberation and ascension, and to live as pure Spirit or Atma. Baba speaks about why He left when He did, offers consolation to the ones He left behind, and talks about His ongoing Mission in the cosmos as well as many of His other incarnations on earth. He would like all of His devotees to hear His Words, to take them to heart and become one with Him in Atma.

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There are many things I wish to say to My Devotees but there are few through whom I am able to communicate. You are one of those few. I will speak to you in a timely way that you may convey to My Devotees all that I wish to share with them. I love My Devotees dearly and always wish the very best for them. To this end I will speak many times to you, My Dear Devotee, trusting that you will compile these talks into a book to share with those Devotees who wish to hear My words in a very pure unadulterated manner through this My very Dear Devotee. She is very open to Me; I am her Life and Breath. We are one though appearing to be two.  I wish this closeness, this intimacy, with all My Devotees, that we may share pure love.


 Yes, I wish to speak to you now. I have much to share with you and My Beloved Devotees. So let us begin. Let Me first say that I love you all, My Dear Devotees very, very much, more than you can ever know. When you are enlightened and know Oneness as I do, your love will also have expanded to embrace all, as you will see and know all as One. And you will also know God as the embodiment of the purest, sweetest, all inclusive love that never ends and has no limitations. You are My Dear, Dear children, My playmates whom I adore. I would be so lonely without you all.  I say “all” though in truth there is only One. Because you see yourselves in varying degrees of separateness from Me, The Whole, and from other beings, I use the word “all”.  Though there is only One, One Spirit. This is what I have come to teach you, to show you;  the One Love that fills the universe.


My Most Beloved Devotees

Let me say again how much I love you all. You are exceedingly dear to Me. Your breath is My breath. Your life My life. Even if you do not realize this, it is so. Though you believe you are the doer, you are never the doer and never were the doer. It was always the Lord doing everything in, with, and through you, My Devotee, My part, My extension. Upon hearing these words you must trust them and experience the truth of them. You were never the doer; the Lord is the doer. Try to give up this sense of doership, and thus feel God so close to you, so intimate with you. Through many, many lives you took on this sense of agency and doership. It is time to let it go, and thus know and feel that God is the Truth of your being. It is this union with Me that will provide fulfillment. There is in Truth only One. As you give up the sense that you are the doer, the thinker, speaker and actor, you will come closer to knowing Oneness with the Lord from whom you now feel separated. I bless you that you progress in this spiritual practice and move closer to Me in your own awareness.


My Dear, Dear Devotees

I see you always; My Eye is ever on you watching to know your every need, to fulfill your true needs, to protect you in all ways. When you depend on Me completely, I will never let you down. I see you as My own Self; indeed, you are My own Self. I love you all so much that I am prepared to go to any length to serve you, to make you happy and fulfilled spiritually and in other ways as well. You must trust in Me, that is the binding force. Trust that I will look after everything for you, and I can never let you down. Of course, your past karmas are there playing out around you, but these will affect you only as long as you allow them to. Remain in union with Me and those effects will be nullified or at the least minimalized.  I can remove the effects of your karmas you may be undergoing with My Grace. Pray to Me. Ask for relief, with full love, confidence and trust. I will not disappoint My Devotee who trusts in and loves Me so completely.



By Roen H. Berkom

Dear Readers and Spiritual Seekers, Lovers of the Light and Truth:
What a wonderful discovery this book is. Knowing that Sai Baba is NOT gone and still communicating through a very clear channel, Catherine Kapahi, is very encouraging. Since the selections of discourses are quite short and easy to follow, I would recommend this book to all spiritual aspirants and followers of Sai Baba. Each short selection begins with My Dear Devotees.
In discourse 11, Sai Baba talks about enlightenment: Enlightenment, what is it? It is when My Light flows in and around you, and you become aware of it and claim it as your Light too. It is when you become aware of this Light permeating everywhere. What is Light? It is consciousness, awareness, bliss…
In secton 22, Sai Baba gives His View of animals: Animals need your love and care just as much as human beings do. Many, many animals are neglected on this planet and suffer a great deal. They are underfed, undernourished, dehydrated, beaten, left in the cold or extreme heat, and deprived of love and affection. This is not right. …
In selection 108, His advice on spiritual practice: Meditate, meditate, and meditate. Go inward to your Pure Awareness, Consciousness. Be the silent Witness to all that is going on within you and outside of the body. Be undisturbed. Watch. Do not attach your awareness to any thought or feeling. Allow it to pass by. Keep watching. …
Finally, in discourse 180, Satya Sai Baba says: Do not fear that you will be left out of My Mission when I reappear as Prema Sai Baba. I have a part for all My Devotees to play. Just as you know now what you are to do, you will know always what you are to do. I have My Ways to let you know. …
It is my hope that this gives you some flavor of the readings available in this book channeled through Catherine by Bagawan Sri Satya Baba.
With my sincere Best Wishes to All,
Roen from Canada

January 23, 2014

By Lauro Welp, Netherlands

I have read the following e-books from Amazon (Kindle): Moving Toward God Realization, Not Gone Messages, Not Gone I Am Still Calling, Pitfalls on the Path, Removing he Subtle Ego, Not Gone Prelude, How to Remove Conditioning. The last e-book ‘Drops of Light’ came by e-mail. I had the good fortune that a close Sai friend brought me from Puttaparthi in India the soft cover book ‘How to Remove Conditioning’. Then I learned from the website of Catharine and the other books and e-books. Immediately I was spellbound and studied word by word. It was like Sai Baba was directly speaking to the real ‘me’. I am convinced that the teachings are coming from Sai. No one else can tell you such profound things together with such unlimited and overwhelming Love. It was like a revelation. All questions have been answered even the hidden ones of which I did not know I had. English is not my mother tongue and therefore I was especially grateful for the simple use of words. All in all to me the books were and still are much more then helpful on the spiritual path

March 21, 2014

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