Not Gone I Am Still Calling

Cover04-copy2In this series of 45 channeled essays entitled “Not Gone I Am Still Calling”, Avatar and Cosmic Consciousness, Lord Sathya Sai Baba wishes to tell humankind that He is still calling His creation back to Him, to reunite with God and become one again. He lovingly speaks about the ideal relationship between the Lord and the disciple that easily leads to God realization and spiritual liberation.

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Man projects God in his own image. However, God is formless, though He may and does take a human form from time to time so that man who has lost touch with his Truth, his Divine Essence may feel a kinship with God through this human form. As I have said the human form is a vesture worn so God may move about and talk to humankind in order to give counsel; all the time blessing and conferring different types of Grace depending on the need and deservedness of the recipient. I came recently in a human form as Sathya Sai Baba for a few main reasons. The first was to raise the consciousness of individuals, hundreds of millions of individuals to avert a world-wide calamity. I infused their hearts with My Love and Peace, and Bliss, and this precipitated a transformation in each individual that raised their consciousness to higher levels whereby they saw that only Love and Peace were valuable in life, not conflict and disharmony. These ones continue to receive My Grace for God realization, as they pray and meditate, think, speak and do what is good and beneficial for themselves and all others. The second main reason I incarnated was to show humankind the path of dharma, or righteousness, which has been largely ignored. The world is so full of corruption and all cardinal sins that God had to appear in human form to show man the way back to proper moral and ethical behavior. Help ever, hurt never; Love all, serve all; Love God, fear sin, and practice morality in society, are a few of the maxims I continuously taught, to put humankind back on the path to right thoughts, speech and conduct. You may ask why would God care to do this. Humankind was descending to a level below animalistic; that is, demonic; in danger of not being able to redeem itself for many lives. The results of the demonic actions of many on the world produced great suffering for humankind. This demonic activity by many so-called human beings had to be stopped. I did not come to kill the demons this time. I came only with Love, Peace, and Wisdom as My tools for transforming humankind to higher levels of consciousness, which has led to a critical mass of higher consciousness bringing more Divine Light, Love and Peace into the collective minds and consciousness of humans. Many other high beings from Higher dimensions are working alongside Myself to bring about this great shift in consciousness on planet earth. During and after My next incarnation as Avatar Prema Sai Baba, a great change will be apparent on the earth. There will be more Love, Peace, and cooperation among citizens and leaders on planet earth.



By Roen Berkom

Greetings & Bonjour from Canada!
What a beautiful cover with a full-length photo of Swami on the mountain top, encircled by a heart. I believe this shows the radiant love that devotee, Catherine Kapahi, has for the Satya Sai Baba. Satguru Sai Baba gives many wonderful talks.
The book seems to have very good advice for new spiritual aspirants. For example, in talk 1 Sai Baba says: “When the devotee first hears of the Lord, there is not an immediate connection. The connection with the chosen form of the Lord must be cultivated by the devotee over time. Time has been given for this purpose, to know God and become one with God. …” Then, in section 2, Sai Baba states: “When the devotee first turns to the spiritual life, it is in a sporadic way. It takes a long time to develop commitment to the spiritual life as the old ways of thinking and being continue to pull the devotee into the old ways. …”
In discourse 9, Sai Baba expresses His Will for us: “It is My expressed Will that all My devotees be liberated in their present lifetime. If they are not it is because they have not applied themselves sufficiently to the task. It is up to the devotee to take full advantage of the time and opportunities afforded to him as a result of the advent of this avatar having been on earth for 85 years. …”
For more advanced devotees, in talk 10, Sai Baba admonishes: “When I see My devotees wasting time in idle pursuits, gossiping, etc., I am not happy with them. At such times I turn away, though I am still aware of what they are doing, thinking, and feeling. I leave them alone until they reform their ways. …” Then, in discourse 35, Sai Baba states: “When I left My Body, I expected that My devotees would progress faster toward Atmic Presence. However, this is not happening as I would have liked. Most of you have not committed yourselves to Atmic realization. You have yet to make this commitment in your life. You are dragging along pretty much as before, without much change. … Please do not waste any time. Direct your attention inward, meditate on My Name and Form until you realize yourself as Atma. Contemplate on Atma, pure and formless, in the silence of your heart. Don’t waste your time flitting here and there with so-called friends. Purify your mind by chanting the divine name and bhajans. Your realization is up to you. …” (Now, that’s some powerful advice. Read some more of the book on your own and meditate on it . Then, act on His advice as needed.)
Love, Light and Peace to all. May you realize the God Self (Atma) now.
from Roen Berkom.

January 28, 2014

By Gerard Allain

A how to book on developing spiritually through reading and thought provoking ideas. This book is precise in its thoughts and ideas. A must for anyone who wishes to reflect on developing their true spirituality.

February 4, 2014

By Lauro Welp, Netherlands

I have read the following e-books from Amazon (Kindle): Moving Toward God Realization, Not Gone Messages, Not Gone I Am Still Calling, Pitfalls on the Path, Removing he Subtle Ego, Not Gone Prelude, How to Remove Conditioning. The last e-book ‘Drops of Light’ came by e-mail. I had the good fortune that a close Sai friend brought me from Puttaparthi in India the soft cover book ‘How to Remove Conditioning’. Then I learned from the website of Catharine and the other books and e-books. Immediately I was spellbound and studied word by word. It was like Sai Baba was directly speaking to the real ‘me’. I am convinced that the teachings are coming from Sai. No one else can tell you such profound things together with such unlimited and overwhelming Love. It was like a revelation. All questions have been answered even the hidden ones of which I did not know I had. English is not my mother tongue and therefore I was especially grateful for the simple use of words. All in all to me the books were and still are much more then helpful on the spiritual path.

March 21, 2014

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