How to Remove Conditioning

Cover03-copy2In this selection of forty-five channeled essays through spiritual author Catherine Kapahi, Ph.D, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Cosmic Christ and Avatar, teaches the ways to become disentangled from mental formations and conditioning such as ego, guilt, victim, fear of death, attachment, jealousy, obsessions, and more. This conditioning covers the Pure, Blissful Human Consciousness causing pain and suffering. Sai Baba shows the ways to rid our minds and consciousness of these deluding energies that have hidden the Truth of our Being from our awareness. Sai Baba says that,”Man minus ego equals God.” Through purification humans can again shine with original splendor as Truth, Love, Righteousness, Peace and Non Violence.

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Many of you are afraid of the dark, that there may be ghosts or spirits, or extraterrestrials hiding in the dark. This is an ancient deep conditioning, from the olden days when humans were not as intelligent as they are today, when they lived out-of-doors or in caves. They were more superstitious also and believed in all types of spirits moving around. Today devotees are not certain how to remove this fear from the mind. They know there is evil in the world and have also heard about abductions by extraterrestrials. In this Kali Yuga one needs God’s protection, and will definitely receive it as a result of the goodness and unity of one’s thoughts, words, and, actions, through remembering God, constantly chanting His Name, praying for protection, and visualizing God’s Presence all around you and in you. Keep the company of good and sacred people. Remain away from places and people of low vibration as much as possible. Make your home a sacred shrine with bhajan, incense and pure vegetarian food. No harm will dare to come near you. As a result of this sacred way of life, your fears will disappear. You will know you live in God’s protective, secure Light and Love.


My Dear Children, I hope by now that you are seeing the necessity of purifying the mind and consciousness so that it becomes luminous, clear, and acutely aware of Reality. This Atmic awareness knows the difference between Truth and falsehood, because it is Itself, the All Knowing, All Aware Truth. The Truth becomes revealed or uncovered through spiritual practices which remove the false that is covering the Truth. The Truth or Atma is always there; it just needs to be revealed.

Another psychological formation that is prevalent among human beings is the need to be loved by others in order to validate one’s worth and value. Some people feel miserable and depressed if significant others do not demonstrate love and affection to them on a steady basis. They need constant validation from the spouse or parents, etc. This shows lack of confidence in oneself leading to lack of self worth. Many negative thoughts and feelings cling to this basic formation of needing love from others to feel happy and confident about one’s self, such as self pity, feeling of worthlessness, vulnerability, hopelessness, etc. They are often accompanied by bouts of depression, self loathing and desire to die. The emotions are like a roller coaster, up and down. When such a one feels loved by the other, he is happy; when the love is not forthcoming, he feels sad and dejected. Though true happiness lies in being the Atma, most do not know this, and thus suffer due to negative emotional mental formations.

To overcome such psychological conditioning, as the love need and approval need from outside of one’s own being, one should read about the lives of saints who had found God within their own being, and were filled with love and bliss, read sacred scriptures, and seek out the company of God realized saints, avatars, etc., to see how they act and speak. There are many in India. For the average human being, it takes many lives to purify the consciousness enough to have a glimpse of Atma.


Another psychological formation affecting the minds of humans is that of judgment. Many feel entitled to judge others in every respect, whether negatively or positively. Judgment stems from the need to be right, about everything. This leads to having strong opinions about many things, about something being right or wrong, good or bad, worthy or unworthy, acceptable or unacceptable. Everything, everybody, every situation can be judged by a human mind that wishes to do so. A human mind may choose to have opinions about many things and people including one’s self. All these judgments and opinions bring about many thoughts and feelings that, if repeated and held for a long time, become conditionings on the consciousness. Atma is not related to any of these. Atma sees the big picture – that thoughts and feelings are changing energy patterns that come and go having no permanent reality. The energy patterns of judgement condition the consciousness causing it to feel it is a separate entity. In this way the consciousness of humans becomes burdened, weighed down by so many thoughts held firmly about so many things and people. One way to become free of judgment and opinion making is to allow everyone and everything to be as they are in the moment without having a mental judgment or opinion about them. The Light of Wisdom would ‘see’ all beings as embodiments of the Divine Atma whether or not the thoughts, words and actions emanating from that one were sacred. With the eye of Wisdom, one would see that many beings have a great deal of false mental and emotional conditioning from past living which determines to a large extent the manner in which they think, speak and act. All have a different level of intelligence as well. Most humans are not aware that they are Divine because knowledge of Atma was never given to them, or if it was, perhaps through a religion or a realized Master, the knowledge did not penetrate deep enough due to lack of consistent useful spiritual practices, and company of the holy. Often the mental conditioning of humans is so heavy that experience of one’s own Divine nature is severely blocked, so that it is the conditioning or ego that runs the person.

The consciousness of a human mind becomes condition-ed by the culture, the religion, the length and type of education, type and length of employment, country to which one belongs, neighborhood in which one lives, lifestyle, food, addictions, etc. All of these are non Atma. It is beneficial if one’s culture, religion, and food all lead to purification of the mind, intellect, and consciousness, leading to realization and manifestation of Atma. This is the ideal situation that such purification should lead to awareness that the same consciousness dwells in all beings and inanimate things. Spiritual aspirants and devotees must insure that all the mental, emotional, and physical conditionings not cover the splendor, wisdom, love and peace, of the omnipresent Atma in their own awareness, which is, of course, the Atma.



By Roen Berkom

Namaste to Everyone!

May this wonderful book provide answers in your search for Truth and freedom from illusion (maya). Dr. Catherine Kapahi has been such a clear channel for Satya Sai Baba. Congratulations to her for more great messages from Satguru Sai Baba.

In section 14, Sai Baba says: “As you know I am very interested in your liberation from the chains binding you, the illusory chains of your own making. Your mind has believed and held on to many, many ideas, beliefs, indoctrinations, fears, etc. about self; the society, the world, God and so on. All of these together with much more conditioning has molded you into what you believe you are and what the world in your mind means. All of this acts as a thick cloth as over a light bulb, to dim the light of Spirit or Atma. I have been showing you some of the common conditioning the human mind and consciousness have adopted, and how to remove them.” (For more details, please refer to the book. It is certainly worth having.)

In discourse 18, Sai Baba gives us very useful AFFIRMATIONS to use in our daily lives. Satya Sai Baba tells us to ‘keep on telling yourself’: “I am God, I am God, I am not different from God; I am the infinite Supreme, the One Reality. I am Existence, Awareness, Bliss; I am Love, I am Truth, I am Peace eternally; I am ever Pure Delight, I am always full and free. Fear and grief can never touch me; I am the Highest Truth; I am Aum Tat Sat Aum.” When you are faced with doubts, fears and other illusions, Sai Baba says “Anything that is not of Atma, tell yourself: I am not this. I am not this. This is part of the changing world of things and energy patterns. I am not my thoughts. I am not my words. I am not my actions. I belong to no name and no form entity. I am Atma. Atma is One. I am embodied in all these forms, but I am not the forms. Think in this way and you will become free of all conditioning. It will not longer have any effect on you, the Atma. You will remain as you were created, as Love, Peace, Bliss, Eternal Existence, Awareness.” (These are good affirmations to write on paper and keep on your person.)

In talk # 42, Satya Sai Baba says: “My Dear Devotees, it has been said that ‘God equals man minus ego’. When you are free from ego sense, God will manifest in you. … Today I wish to speak about GREED. Greed is based on I am the body / mind / ego complex. The ego always needs to feel secure, safe and in control of the present and future. So it tends to hoard and amass many things to ensure it maintains its’ status quo, as well as scheming and planning to acquire more to ensure its continuance in the future. What does the ego favor? So many things; such as power and control over others, a lot of material things such as homes, cars, physical comforts and conveniences, gadgets, progeny and a lot of money, etc. What the ego thinks it needs is much more than is truly required to live a simple, peaceful, happy life. The Atma needs nothing, though the body requires shelter, clothing, food, clean water and air, medicines at times, and little else. Everything valuable is within the Heart, like enlightenment, liberation, love, peace and bliss. … Greed makes one selfish because it is the nature of a greedy person to never have enough of anything. … Thus, greed consumes one’s life, time and money. It hides the true self, the Atma, from awareness. The greedy person lives his whole life unaware of his Divine status. Such is the tragedy of the illusion that the phenomenal world is true and can give lasting happiness.” (Thank you Satguru Satya Sai Baba for shedding such Light on the Truth!)

May Satya Sai Baba bless you with His Divine Grace and Love FOREVER.
All the very Best,
Roen Berkom in Canada – 2014.

February 1, 2014

By Lauro Welp, Netherlands

I have read the following e-books from Amazon (Kindle): Moving Toward God Realization, Not Gone Messages, Not Gone I Am Still Calling, Pitfalls on the Path, Removing he Subtle Ego, Not Gone Prelude, How to Remove Conditioning. The last e-book ‘Drops of Light’ came by e-mail. I had the good fortune that a close Sai friend brought me from Puttaparthi in India the soft cover book ‘How to Remove Conditioning’. Then I learned from the website of Catharine and the other books and e-books. Immediately I was spellbound and studied word by word. It was like Sai Baba was directly speaking to the real ‘me’. I am convinced that the teachings are coming from Sai. No one else can tell you such profound things together with such unlimited and overwhelming Love. It was like a revelation. All questions have been answered even the hidden ones of which I did not know I had. English is not my mother tongue and therefore I was especially grateful for the simple use of words. All in all to me the books were and still are much more then helpful on the spiritual path

March 21, 2014

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