Healing the Ego Mind

Cover09-copy2This book is the 9th in The God Realization Series that have been channeled from Lord Sathya Sai Baba since 2011. In this set of 45 essays Sai Baba teaches the ways to remove many emotional, mental patterns; for example, anger, intolerance, inflexibility and judgment. He teaches how to cultivate many beneficial qualities; for example, empathy, compassion, self love, auspiciousness, and discernment.

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It is My good fortune to have dear Catherine channel yet another book of My Teachings for My dear devotees. She is happy and excited to begin this new series of My talks. Not only this, she has been serving Me in other ways as well. She channels My answers to devotees’ spiritual questions and replies to the many emails, as well as delivering talks on My Teachings. I am grateful to have Catherine along with the many others who are serving Me with Love and dedication.
This new series of talks will center on the ways to heal yourself mentally and emotionally. Without this healing it is not possible to go to the spiritual level. The unhealed aspects will keep popping up and act to pull you away from your spiritual ideal. Many devotees do not realize this. They think that if they ignore reoccurring mental and emotional problems that they will go away. Not so. They can be pushed down into the subconscious mind, but will come up again in dreams, during crises and when triggered by external circumstances.
An example: Many times when one is attempting to sit for meditation thoughts of hunger or thirst come up often due to cravings for certain foods or liquids. Then one wishes to get up and appease this thus disturbing the meditation. What needs healing here? It is the vital mind that demands that its wishes be fulfilled immediately, and does not want to wait or postpone this fulfillment.
Of course it is best to eat or drink sufficient amounts of food and water before meditation, but at the same time, trying to meditate after a heavy meal would tend to cause sleepiness. So a perfect balance has to be maintained where one would not be hungry or thirsty for one or two hours, and also not give into vital cravings right away but rather sublimate and transcend them.
Another example of aspects needing healing: You are at the supermarket and see all types of delectables such as sweets, candies, deep-fried treats, ice cream, etc. You know that these sugars and fats are unhealthy. Your will is weak, your craving for these items strong. You throw discrimination and will to the wind, give in and purchase them. Here the will needs strengthening as well as the sense of personal power, discernment and self love.
There are so many unhealed, unperfected aspects in the being. Most people are unaware of this. To be a Master you need to be aware and conquer them all. We will look at many common and not so common aspects within the human being that equire healing before one can truly be called a Master of the lower aspects, the physical, mental, emotional and vital bodies.


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