Drops of Light


Lord Sathya Sai Baba has again showered Drops of Light on humanity to teach the truth about God-realization and how to attain it. He speaks about the importance of living a moral life of sublime ideals and values, and having an exemplary character to raise energy vibrations to the Divine level. Many topics are illumined such as the ways to be free from aversions, stress, cravings, negative emotions and relationship problems.

Lord Sathya Sai speaks about His new incarnation as Lord Prema Sai Baba.

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Today we will discuss the meaning of surrender. Many are afraid of this word “surrender” and what it may entail. The first thought is, “What am I going to lose? Will I be deprived, sad, or poor when I surrender, like perhaps wandering mendicants, monks or nuns in monasteries, or saints in caves in the mountains?” So there is fear in the minds of many upon first contemplation of the words, “Surrender to Guru or God”, and then the mind shuts down around this idea of surrender, thinking, “I have worked hard for all I have; and I may be asked to give it up. For what?”

This kind of thinking is not right. First of all, “surrender” is not for God, it is for you; for your own happiness, peace and contentment. Surrender is to relieve you of all your worries, stresses, and misconceptions about the nature of God, man and the world. Surrender is acknowledging and experiencing that God is Truth and you are that Truth. That there is part of you, the Atma or Spirit, that is eternal, peaceful, blissful, consciousness and pure existence. Surrender is awareness of this Truth within you. You need not give up material things. Have them and not be attached to them. See that true Peace and Contentment are within you as the nature of your Existence, your Essence, and cannot be found in the external world of objects and forms. So surrender is an attitude, a knowing, an awareness and a consciousness through which you conduct your life. You acknowledge that a Higher Power, a Higher Intelligence is running the universe. So instead of your small self running things, you are open to guidance from the Higher Power which is your God-Self. So this type of surrender will make your life much easier. You can depend and rely completely on your God-Self or Atma to guide you and help you. Only you must bring morality and virtues into your life, into your thoughts, words and actions so these will be in alignment with your God-self. So there is nothing to fear in “surrender” to God. You can keep your wife, family, house, car, etc. Just do not get too attached as all these break down and dissolve in time. Trust in the eternal consciousness, existence that will never let you down, and from which all things have manifested.



By Lauro Welp, Netherlands

I have read the following e-books from Amazon (Kindle): Moving Toward God Realization, Not Gone Messages, Not Gone I Am Still Calling, Pitfalls on the Path, Removing he Subtle Ego, Not Gone Prelude, How to Remove Conditioning. The last e-book ‘Drops of Light’ came by e-mail. I had the good fortune that a close Sai friend brought me from Puttaparthi in India the soft cover book ‘How to Remove Conditioning’. Then I learned from the website of Catharine and the other books and e-books. Immediately I was spellbound and studied word by word. It was like Sai Baba was directly speaking to the real ‘me’. I am convinced that the teachings are coming from Sai. No one else can tell you such profound things together with such unlimited and overwhelming Love. It was like a revelation. All questions have been answered even the hidden ones of which I did not know I had. English is not my mother tongue and therefore I was especially grateful for the simple use of words. All in all to me the books were and still are much more then helpful on the spiritual path

March 21, 2014
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