Divine Healing

Cover10-copy2As the Lord and His Devotees become one, the devotees take on the characteristics of the Lord. Baba said before He left His physical body that,” My Devotees are My Message.” What was His Message? Love all, serve all. Selfless love is the greatest healer. Lord Jesus had said, “All I do you can do and more. It is not me but the Father Who does all things through me.” Well, Sai is the Father in Heaven. Call on Him to heal you and heal through you. Those who have been reading this God Realization series of books know how important faith, trust, surrender and inner purity are to Sathya Sai Baba. These are for you to perfect, not for Him. He already is their embodiment. He cares deeply about your spiritual ascension and wishes to assist you. This is why He has taken the time to to extend this knowledge and wisdom to His devotees. Hopefully we will all make use of it to ascend in oneness and perfection and give joy to Dear Sai.


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Having said this, now let us go on to discuss another aspect, namely, the part played by the physical body in healing with the power of Consciousness. The physical body may be the problem, the aspect that needs healing. This is very often the case. Disease in the physical body is rampant at this time. But do you know that most often disease begins in the mind? It begins in the mind as some type of negativity out of alignment with Source, the Supreme being called God, who is love, peace, and bliss. A negative thought or thoughts combined with negative feelings, practiced over and over for years or lifetimes, can manifest in the physical body as disease. So you see, you are responsible for your disease, even though you created it unintentionally through ignorance of your true reality as Divine Atma. So the karma of illness has come to you. You attracted it to yourself through habitual patterns of negative thinking, believing, and feeling such as negative judgment, hate, anger, jealousy, and usually a combination of all these enacted over a long period of time. It may be interesting for you to know that even though the negative thoughts, beliefs, speech, feelings, and actions were likely directed toward someone outside of your individualized self, because you believe you are separate from others, the results from your destructive negative ego accrued to you in the form of disease. So you see, the thinker, feeler, actor receives the results of the quality of her thoughts, feelings, speech and actions. So there are no victims; you created what you are presently experiencing. So if your physical body is diseased, first take responsibility and stop blaming others or God. Stop being a victim. These negative ideas must first be removed if healing is to take place. In other words purify your mind, your thoughts and feelings, speech and actions. Fill them with pure loving energy. Practice this for some time.


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