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Archangel Metatron is the foremost of all the Archangels serving the Hierarchy and Plan of evolution of planet earth. He is responsible for creating crystalline merkabas or light bodies for human beings. Over the past millenia human light bodies have been damaged and over laden with negative energies, entities and conditioning. Most merkabas barely move with the result that human beings are unable to ascend to the magnificent state of Christ Consciousness and beyond as they were meant to do.
Archangel Metatron describes in simple easy to understand words, the structure of the human lightbody and the process of ascension for human beings that would allow them God realization and manifestation.

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I am Archangel Metatron the Radiant One. I come to you today to convey to you essential wisdom and knowledge for your ascension. Please pay careful attention to what I am about to convey to you. It will make your journey much easier and less arduous.

As Sai Baba has told you, there are many pitfalls and delays on the path Divine. Why to waste time when all help is available to you at this time of the Great Ascension? I have been with you for a very long time. I know you though you may not know Me. I am the one who created your crystalline Lightbodies in oneness with your Creator. I know you on many levels during many lives. I am your enduring friend who can help you ascend in Lightbody, your crystalline Lightbody or Merkaba as it is called. You may ask how can I do this? This is first of all part of My work; that is, to create, maintain and repair Merkabas, all Merkabas including yours. It is My assignment from God given to Me a very long time back. I have been doing this work-service for Him only and it gives Me great joy to see human beings ascending to God.

Today I will tell you about your Lightbody, your Merkaba. It was created by Me according to specific instructions from God. All human Merkabas are created exactly the same. There is a blueprint that is followed to the minutest detail. They are absolutely perfect when created. At this time the opposite is true about human Merkabas. They are broken, infested with negativity and in a coma. Merkabas are designed to spin and thus create an energy vortex around the incarnation that is you. Most no longer move, with the result that ascension is not possible for souls. As I share with you this essential knowledge about your Lightbody, you will come to know that all help is available to you to have your Merkaba repaired and made new, so the spiritual ascension process can begin anew. All that is required is your willingness to be open to learning about your Merkaba, and how to have it renewed and spinning for your ascension in the Light.


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