16 NEW essays on the use and importance of the INTELLECT or BUDDHI, received clairaudiently from Sathya Sai Baba to Catherine Kapahi in May/June 2013

# 1

It is My great pleasure to offer to you a new set of talks through My very dear devotee Catherine. She has offered herself to Me to be of service because she loves Me and wishes to merge with Me. She has no other desire except these two: to serve me and merge with me.
I am very happy to begin a new set of talks to offer to My devotees and all who would be interested to hear. The topic this time is the knowledge about the nature and use of the intellect, known as the buddhi, for liberation and Self realization. Even though the buddhi is transcended to realize and know Atma, it has a useful role to play to get you there. Even when you are Self realized, the buddhi is still there as a tool, an instrument that may be used in certain ways and circumstances.
Many people today are run by their emotions/feelings, and do not use the intellect/buddhi properly, or much at all. This is unfortunate. Why? Because you cannot know the subtle workings or ways of many things without using the intellect or buddhi.
For example, when an answer is needed to a complex question, the intellect seeks all types of pertinent knowledge, deciding and discerning which to use, how they relate together, to draw conclusions, using rational means and logic throughout. This is all related to the intellect or higher mind. We will use the term higher mind here to distinguish the intellect from the lower sense mind and emotional mind.
It is said that the buddhi is very close to the Atma and receives the greatest amount of effulgence from the Atma due to proximity to Atma. You see, the buddhi being next to Atma, is an aspect of Atma, or you can say a function of Atma. Though Atma is self shining and self existent having preceded buddhi, human beings could not function in the phenomenal world as humans without buddhi. It is the buddhi in humans that allows them to realize Atma. Animals do not have this option of realizing the Atma through use of the intellect. You may be wondering when the buddhi came into existence. If consciousness has evolved through the mineral, plant, and animal levels, when did the buddhi come into play and why? I will tell you.
It was a slow process. Through trial and error over time, the consciousness in the first types of human beings experimented in their minds with the physical environment around them. Here we are talking about hundreds of thousands of years ago. And during this time beings from other galaxies incarnated on earth and mixed with the existing developing human beings. Not only that, souls with a higher more developed consciousness from extraterrestrial places landed on earth and also mixed with the existing humans. These ones gave a boost to the developing, evolving consciousness of the existing humans, helping them along, so to speak.
A more rudimentary intellect thus began to develop in humans. As a result many useful inventions came about such as the wheel, making fire, building shelter, planting crops, using natural dyes, and so on. So many new discoveries kept coming as a result of the shared efforts of all the intellects and intuition to improve the life situations.

# 2

When I told you that the buddhi or intellect was very close to the Atma, I meant that the Atma and the intellect are like partners for human life to function properly and smoothly. What do I mean? The Atma shines its awareness in the mind of an individual. If the awareness is strong and clear, unemcumbered by conditioning such as prejudice, preconceived notions, distortions in perception through the five senses, the awareness from Atma will enable the individual to discriminate and  discern properly. This ability to discriminate, discern, reason, understand, etc. is a result of the awareness of the Atma shining in the pure mind or consciousness. No one can see the intellect just as no one can see the mind. The intellect is a faculty or propensity that is developed through proper use and practice. You see many people in this world who are run by their thoughts and emotions They have not developed the intellect as the result of certain non conducive conditions in their lives. More about that later. A pure, developed intellect is a very useful asset in human life. It is essential to have this pure intellect to discriminate between what is Truth or Atma and what is non truth, and to follow the Truth and detach from what is false. Very often the intellect of most people in the world is not put to proper use. And also it is impure, conditioned by the society to work in a predetermined way. Rather than using the intellect to discern which thoughts, words, and actions are in line with Truth, Righteous, Ethical, Moral Behavior, Peace, Love and Non Violence, the intellect is used for other reasons and purposes. In today’s world the intellect is spoiled and polluted by self-interest and selfishness. Individuals think of themselves and their family first, how to prosper and get ahead, rise up in the ranks and promotions at any cost. So the intellect is used to figure out how you can get ahead of the others and be promoted first, often by using unethical means, not caring about the welfare of others in the business or corporation. When the intellect is used primarily to promote the welfare of the individual, it becomes polluted with the ego of,”me and mine.” The decisions are for the welfare and pleasure of the individual self, not at all for the welfare of society. So those with a heavy ego and plenty of conditioning do not have a pure intellect. The light from the Atmic effulgence and awareness has become dim. One is under the sway and illusion of maya, the cosmic delusion. What is seen and known by an impure intellect is not Truth or Atma; it is untruth. The deluded ones do not realize this. They believe the world, their life, as they cognize it, is the Truth.

# 3

I have told you that the Atma, the mind and the intellect are three in one. What did I mean? First of all there can be no mind and intellect without the effulgent Atma shining throughout and around the physical body. Everything happens due to the Light and Awareness of Atma. Thoughts are perceived due to and in the Light and Awareness of Atma. It is the Awareness of Atma that you truly are. With your awareness, you see thoughts. And with this same awareness you are able to discriminate, discern, decide, use reason and understanding. The Atma shines and these faculties become available through use and practice. The propensity, the ability to exercise the intellect is carried forth from life to life. In each incarnation there is an opportunity to develop the buddhi and to purify or distort it. Most people are not aware of this, and live their lives on automatic pilot to a large extent. Many people allow their emotions to guide them, to carry them along in life. They suffer a lot as a result, but do not know how to release this habitual pattern of being trapped by their emotions. There is usually an underlying thought process that supports the emotions and keeps them intact. An individual may not know that emotions are based on thoughts, and never seek the sponsering thought process. Once the sponsering thoughts causing the emotions are uncovered, then the intellect can be used to to discern whether to keep the thoughts or let them go. For example, it happened that some of your friends got together and decided to go camping on the weekend. They did not tell you or invite you to join them. When you found out after the outing had taken place, you felt very much rejected, sorrowful, and sad for yourself. These negative emotions lasted for days. You began to look within yourself to see why these emotions were so strong. These people had never done such a thing before, so why the big reaction? You saw that you had felt rejected by your parents who never gave you the love and affection you needed. You had been critized a lot by a judgmental father and certain school friends. Some friends had left you for no reason. You still had an unhealed part of your self, an inner child aspect that never received the love it longed for. Even your adult self has never given this child the love it has needed. Knowing these to be the reasons you reacted in such a strong, negative way to this neutral event, you decide to be kinder and more nurturing to your child self. You decide that you will become stronger in self love and self acceptance. You will no longer need the acceptance and approval of others to validate your worth or to be happy. You affirm that you are a child of God, the Atma, and by this very fact you are infinitely worthy. You have used the awareness of Atma here and used the faculty of intellect to discern which past experiences you had incorporated and believed in, that had caused you to react negatively to an event in present time. You used your intellect and awareness to decide how to remedy this problem, and implement the changes in order to avoid such negative reactions in the future. If one did not have a pure intellect and clear awareness from Atma, he may not have known how to search for a cause for negative emotions in past living. He may have simply blamed the people outside of him for hurting him. The problem in himself would not have been healed with the result that negative emotions would erupt again the next time he felt rejected, and he would be helpless to help himself. So you see the buddhi is a great and useful tool for living in the world as well as for healing wounded aspects of self and moving along the the path to Atmic realization.

# 4

My Dear Devotees, please know that I am concerned about your welfare and spiritual progress. You can be certain about that. To this end I will speak to you again and again about the need to use the buddhi correctly. I will tell you how to use it and how it is generally misused by humans. So let us begin. The buddhi has no form. It is very subtle, more subtle than the sense and desire mind which is easier to be aware of. So it is a bit more difficult to become aware of the buddhi operating, performing its task, even though it is within you. That is, it is illumined by the Atma in and all around. The buddhi as I have said, is a faculty that is developed more and more as one gains experience through many incarnations in a human form. Truly speaking, animals do not have much development of buddhi. Sometimes it is in a rudimentary form in larger more developed mammals, such as some elephants, porpoises, and dogs. The capacity of buddhi is exclusive to human beings and allows them to know they are Atma and thus become free from rebirth. The main attribute of buddhi is its power to discriminate using awareness gained from Atma. What needs to be discriminated? So many ideas. Which ones to keep and act upon, and which ones to discard and delete. For example, a new job offer may come to you whereby you are asked to relocate to a new city. You use the buddhi to discriminate and decide whether or not to perform this action of accepting a new job and relocating. You look at the pros and cons, perhaps taking into account the needs and desires of family members, the benefits and drawbacks of living in the new location, whether the money gained with the promotion will offset the stress of uprooting members of the family from schools, clubs, temples, friends, relatives, etc., or not. The buddhi carefully examines all the options, weighs the consequences, also seeks higher guidance from Spirit, etc. If one has surrendered to God, and God has arranged this change in your life, you must go no matter what because it will be best in the long run to do it. One with an advanced intuition, who is able to get direct guidance from Spirit will be able to by pass the need to use buddhi to a large extent. That one simply knows that it is the right thing to do. Although it may take some convincing to have the other family members go along with you. Another example of the use of buddhi. You wish to open a small business in the city. Of course you wish to do well, and have good sales. The buddhi should consider several factors before you take action such as: will I buy or rent the facility to sell my product; could I just as well sell it on the internet? Is there a demand for this product? Are there others selling it nearby? Should I perform a survey before opening this business to see if there is really a demand? Where is the best location from which to sell the products? How much will it cost me to procure the products? What are all the hidden costs, expenses I will incur? Is it worthwhile to do this? How much sales will I need to make enough money to support myself? Of course, you can also call on spiritual guides, and experts in the business field to help you, with the awareness that even this will cost you money. So you can see that the buddhi is a very useful faculty. It works on your behalf when you seek to use and develop it. It is obvious when you look around at the people you know, that some have more developed buddhi’s than others. A street sweeper may not have to exercise his buddhi much whereas a CEO of a multinational company may have to use his a lot. The buddhi is essential to discriminate between the Truth, the Atma, and that which is false, impermanent, and always changing. The buddhi when used properly can take one to the door of Self realization. Self realization can not be attained without the proper use of buddhi. One can fall again and again into delusion and illusion due to misuse and non use of buddhi. This is a pitfall to be avoided.


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